Own Label

Lots of our products can be personalised with the addition of your own label. Personalised labels encourage repeat purchase and can help to reinforce your own brand or location and provide a unique and complete shopping experience.

We will work with you, from original artwork or your own ideas, to incorporate your company name or logo into a unique label. We then keep your label in stock and apply it as a matter of course to each order that you place.

Apart from modest initial origination costs, there is no extra charge for this service. We simply ask that your initial order is for at least 25 cases to cover the additional set-up of your own label. Thereafter, the minimum carriage paid order is our usual 15 cases (UK mainland).

Butler’s Grove

Our popular Butler’s Grove branded products include many varieties of gifts.

The butler figure within our brand is reflective of the premium nature of our products and represents our core Company values of Quality, Customer Service Excellence and Consistency.

Historically, in Britain during the 17th and 18th centuries, the butler was a member of the household staff serving grand estates and wealthy homeowners. They were senior and trusted members of staff, responsible for upholding the household’s fine reputation and maintaining smooth running of the various functions including the kitchen and pantry. They would be responsible for selecting premium goods on behalf of the homeowners in order that the inhabitants and guests’ tastes were accommodated, and also to welcome visitors with impeccable etiquette.